Having been a former employee of a “Soft Bearing” system supplier and a “Hard Bearing” supplier representative for years allows one to understand the instrument technology that they both represented. Instrumentation that was supplied was designed with the “Buyer options” in mind which lead to several models. With a proprietary operating system, the “Buying Company” was receiving a unit that was dedicated and used until it became non-operational. Technological upgrades were at times available. Usually that instrument had to be returned to the supplier at a cost. The typical warranty was usually limited to 1 year with no instrument upgrades even as computer technology surged into the future.

We understand dynamic balancing! In addition to providing instrument upgrades, system certification for complete balancing machines, we also provide start-up and hands-on training that can be immediately put to use. Our expertise includes all aspects of balancing including understanding tolerance calculation based journal load distribution for all the rotor configurations, also, on in service dimensions for journal load distribution and not just using balancing system journal load distribution.

Today, balancing system instrumentation upgrades lead to significant costs (in most cases). Requiring an investment in a new instrument that comes with a dedicated proprietary operating system, again with no significant path to software upgrades.

Upgrading your instrument as new features are added is the way to go! We offer the solution: EasyBalance 2.2™ – a computer based 

program with FREE software upgrades, now operating on Windows 10, 8 and 7 operating systems. No more hidden “additional costs” once you own this instrument. It also comes with a 10 year limited warranty.