The EasyBalance 2.2™, designed specifically for upgrading and modernizing existing balancing machines, vertical, horizontal or side spindle regardless of brand or age.

• Designed for the most demanding dynamic balancing machine applications

• Completely replaces the existing measuring system

This high-end digital system results in instant improvements in both results and operator efficiency. Significant reduction in time to balance results in profit increase.

The EasyBalance 2.2™ system is compatible with IRD Mechanalysis, IRD Balancing, Schenck, CEMB, American Hofmann, Hines, Stewart Warner, Dynamics Research, Dynabal, West Coast and others.

The EasyBalance 2.2™ utilizes the machines existing sensors and cables so installation is straightforward, a simple connector change. The photocell is switched out to a Laser Tach and an encoder is added to enable correction at TDC – no need to search for the correction location, just rotate the rotor, the system auto syncs if belt slippage occurred on heavy rotors, the software locates the correction position and correction is made at TDC.

The EasyBalance 2.2™ gives new life, gain instant productivity and improves the performance of any balancing machine.

The only instrument on the market today that can display the results in 10 different formats!


The software runs in a Windows environment, making Professional reports easy to produce and understand.

As a technology leader, BalanceMaster Inc. offers an advanced technologically superior balancing system that takes one away from the proprietary operating system. The software is constantly being enhanced with new features. These new enhancements are available to our customer base on an ongoing basis by a simple hassle free download from the BalanceMaster Website.

Additional details for this dynamic balancing instrumentation system are available in our color brochure.  

We also offer a full feature comparison list (Compare my present instrument to the EasyBalance 2.2™) which you may use to decide if this instrument will take you into today’s advanced technology.

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Complete turnkey instrumentation package (PC Customer supplied)

Unsurpassed performance - Better balancing results

Dynamic balancing software was developed with the operator in mind.

• Designed for Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit).

• Ultra-low noise amplifier circuitry.

• Digitally controlled gain network.

• Digital advanced wattmetric filter technology capable 

  of retrieving even the smallest unbalance signals, 

  buried under several magnitudes of signal noise.

• Over 120 dB signal range.

• Most advanced balancing instrumentation circuitry 


• Point-and-click rotor setup and unbalance 


• All possible rotor configurations are available in a 

  graphical point-and-click environment.

• Continuous unbalance monitoring and reporting 


• Print reports and balancing diaries are automated 

  and available with a click of the mouse.

• Print-to-file feature prints as text file (“name”.txt).

• Reports can easily be customized to suit the specific 

  needs of your balancing tasks.

• The generated file format can be imported into MS 

  Excel and WORD.

• The report can be saved/printed as “name”.MDI (MS 

  digital image writer software required).

• Rotor setup capacity for 1 million individual rotor 


• Influence coefficients are saved with rotor setup data.

• Repeat balancing of any rotor allows one-run readout 

  on soft-bearing machines. 

Simple point-and-click dynamic balancing

• Short and efficient operator training.

• Windows point-and-click interface permits rotor setup 

  to be done in seconds.

• State-of-the-art digital wattmetric filter technology 

  provides superb resolution and accuracy.

• Point and click simplicity.

• Excellent low-speed balancing capability.

• Certifiable to Government use.

• Excels in demanding aircraft, gyroscope and similar 


EasyBalance 2.2™