We offer BalanceMaster Inc. dynamic hard bearing balancing systems


All our dynamic balancing machines feature hard bearing technology, are permanently calibrated and require minimum set up. Cutting edge digital signal processing technology combined with high-order, digitally tuned, automatic wattmetric filter and advanced 

zero phase-error measuring technology offers a theoretical resolution of 1:16 Million and 

unrivaled sensitivity!


Piezo-electric force measuring transducers come standard. Piezo electric transducers are not affected by temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, or time. Our dynamic balancing machines measure unbalance directly, regardless of rotor weight or rotor dimensions.


The new digital EasyBalance 2.2TM Instrumentation represents the high-end of dynamic balancing technology. This instrumentation excels in ease-of-use, operator friendliness and accuracy.


Cutting edge technology + WINDOWS platform = Superior performance + Ease-of-use 

+ Reliability


Dynamic balancing systems for:

Applications requiring ultra-low balancing tolerances

• Small, high-speed rotors, gyroscopes,

• Dental turbines, turbo molecular pumps

• Speeds of 500 to 200,000 RPM

• Desk-top – capacity 2.2 and 7 lbs

• Horizontal platform up to 22 lbs standard

Applications requiring a vertical system

• Desk-top – weight capacity up to 2.2 lbs

• Vertical single and two plane – up to 330 lbs

Applications requiring a horizontal system

• Belt, End or Combination drive

• 8 capacity ranges – 44 to 7700 lbs standard

Instrument speed range available:

• EasyBalance high-end dynamic balancing software.

  Designed for Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit)

• Standard version (100 to 10,000 RPM)

• Low-speed version (50 to 5,000 RPM)

• Ultra-low-speed version (6 to 200 RPM)

• High-speed version (500 to 50,000 RPM)

• Ultra-high-speed version (5,000 to 200,000 RPM)